Here’s How New York Can Spice Up Your Wedding Photos

Here’s How New York Can Spice Up Your Wedding Photos

New York is a unique place with various opportunities for incredible photos. Here are a few ideas of how to best utilize the city for your wedding memories.

My ultimate goal is creating wedding photos that you’ll be proud to look back on. Luckily, taking those photos in New York City makes capturing those incredible moments almost too easy. There aren’t many places like New York that can give you amazing views and backgrounds to set up a photo with. Here are just a few ways that New York can spice up your wedding photos and create something that will bring those happy feelings back in an instant.

Incredible Views From On High

The verticality of New York City is one of its biggest draws for taking wedding photos that you’ll end up loving. Rooftop pictures give your wedding photos a gorgeous background that you just can’t get anywhere else. Whether looking up to the buildings around you or down on the city below, New York City’s height is one of its best features.

Nature and Civilization Combined

There’s a fascinating balance in New York City between the natural world and feats of human engineering. As strange as it may seem, that contrast between gorgeous natural vistas and sleek human-made ones offers up a ton of opportunities for unique photos. Central Park alone has enough different viewpoints to create an entire album of beautiful wedding photos.

Old School and New School

Another great way in which I use New York itself to punch up your wedding photos is by incorporating its old school charm with its modern beauty. While we usually think of massive skyscrapers and crisscrossing roads, New York is also one of the oldest cities in our country. This means it has plenty of historical sites that you can use to have the best of both worlds, both the old and new, in your photographs.

Big City Lights

Getting married around New York City and not taking advantage of the incredible lights that you’re afforded is practically a crime. Whether you’re already using the heights of the city or the more natural places, the lights of the city can create truly eye-catching photos that you can’t replicate in other places. I utilize the city lights to set up intricately detailed photos or create the best backdrop possible for a silhouetted masterpiece.

If you need a New York wedding photographer who can use the city’s charms to make your wedding photos better than you can imagine, allow me to introduce myself! Whatever vision you have for your wedding photos, I can make it come to life with memories that will last forever.

5 Fun Things To Do the Morning of Your Wedding

The morning of your wedding should be a time to start celebrating early! Here are a few ideas to make the most out of the morning before your ceremony.

Your special day has finally come, but the main event won’t take place until later. How are you supposed to deal with that kind of excitement for so long? Your brain might tell you that the morning of your wedding is a time of stress as you ensure everything is ready to go, but it doesn’t have to be that way! To make your big day even more enjoyable, here are a few fun things to do the morning of your wedding that will make the entire day memorable.

Meditate and Relax

When you wake up, you might begin to freak out a bit. Nerves and stress are almost inevitable after spending so much time planning your wedding. However, you don’t want your wedding day to be full of anxiety and worries when it should be about enjoying the occasion. Use meditation to help center yourself and stay in the moment during the rest of your wedding, rather than worrying about possible future issues.

Visit a Spa With Your Wedding Party

If meditating doesn’t work, it’s time to go all out on relaxation. A calming spa session for you and your wedding party is one of the most fun things to do the morning of your wedding. It’s also a great opportunity to spend quality time with the people closest to you on this important day. After a morning trip to the spa, you’ll feel so much more relaxed and ready to enjoy your entire wedding day.

Enjoy Your Favorite Breakfast

Many couples don’t realize that finding time to eat, even at the reception, can be difficult; everyone wants to offer their congratulations and catch up on other life events. Enjoy at least one meal on your wedding day by setting up a delicious breakfast spread for yourself and your wedding party. You’ll have more energy throughout the day, and it won’t be quite as vexing if you can’t sit down to eat dinner right away.

Have an Impromptu Photoshoot

Professional photos are what really make the memories last, but we all have the ability to capture moments that aren’t perfectly staged as the day progresses. Take plenty of photos of your wedding party as everyone gets ready for the day. Even if you’re not fully dressed up yet, you’ll want those candid photos just as much as the professional ones.

Start the Toasts Early

You obviously want to remember your wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to restrain yourself all day. There’s nothing wrong with a drink or two with breakfast to calm any lingering nerves. Also, this might give your wedding party the opportunity to warm up with a preliminary toast before they have to speak in front of everyone you know.

If you’re looking for a fantastic New York wedding photographer, Joe Curry Photography is ready to make your vision come to life and help you create memories to cherish forever.

The Dos & Don’ts of Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is a huge part of your special day. Use these tips to ensure that it stays looking its best even after you finish the ceremony.

Most wedding dresses are gorgeous, expensive, and impeccably crafted, so there’s no secret about why you would want to preserve yours. There are so many memories tied up in that dress, and it would be such a waste to toss it after the big day ends! We’ll go over some of the dos and don’ts of preserving your wedding dress so that it retains its beauty for you or whoever you may want to pass it down to.

DO: Use a Reputable Cleaning Service

Not every cleaning service knows how to handle something as delicate as a wedding dress. Your regular dry cleaner likely won’t cut it. Taking your dress to a reliable cleaning service as soon as possible is the first step toward preserving it for the long haul. A cleaning service with experience in cleaning wedding dresses will be your best bet.

DO: Store Away From Light, Heat, and Moisture

While you should put your dress in a garment bag, that alone won’t be enough to protect it. Light, heat, and moisture will be your worst enemies, so consider where you plan to store the dress. Your attic is far too prone to these things, so don’t rely on it to keep your dress safe.

DO: Use pH-Neutral Materials for Storage

You’ll also want to cover your dress in acid-free tissue and find a place that is neutral in terms of pH balance. Even an environment that is slightly acidic can erode the delicate fabrics of a wedding dress over time.

DON’T: Hang Up Your Gown Long-Term

Hanging your dress up is a bad idea. Normal clothes aren’t left alone for years at a time, but a wedding dress that you keep on a hanger will lose its shape and put pressure on the seams. If you want to keep your dress the same shape, leave it off the clothes hanger.

DON’T: Rely on Plastic Dress Covers

In the dos and don’ts of preserving your wedding dress, this one tip is arguably the most important. Many people believe that plastic dress covers are safe to use, but that’s a myth. They don’t allow for changes in humidity, which can lead to mold growth, and they can fade over time, dropping particles onto the dress and exposing it to harmful light that can discolor it.

DON’T: Leave Your Dress Near Other Clothes or Fabrics

Dyes and fabrics from other pieces of clothing can have an effect on your dress if left near one another for too long. This is because of the extremely delicate materials that make up most wedding dresses. Keep it separate from other clothes and fabrics using acid-free mediums, and it will be fine.

On top of preserving your wedding dress, you’ll want to have beautiful pictures of your special day. Joe Curry is a professional wedding photographer in New York who understands the trials ahead of you. He can take your special day and turn it into everlasting memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Tips for Finding the Perfect New York Wedding Photographer

Looking to make your New York wedding absolutely unforgettable? You need the right wedding photographer to make those moments really come alive.

The only real downside that anyone should have to worry about on their wedding day is that the day will only happen once! Thankfully, you don’t have to let your big day simply be a memory to think back on. That’s where your wedding photographer can help. However, finding a New York wedding photographer that you can trust can feel like a “needle in a haystack” kind of search. To make it easier for you, here are a few tips for finding the perfect New York wedding photographer.

Search Through Their Work

When it comes to one of the most important days of your life, don’t rely on hearsay and recommendations from others. You need to see what a photographer is capable of for yourself before you can really make the call. Any photographer worth their salt will have an easy-to-find portfolio or website where you can look through their past work. Go with your gut and only choose a photographer whose work you feel a connection to.

Consider Their City Experience

There is a plethora of places to get married in New York, and you don’t want a photographer who doesn’t know how to make any of them look incredible. New York City, in particular, offers some unique challenges in terms of photography that not everyone can handle. Handling passers-by and working with the city’s unique lighting setup are skills that you’ll be glad your New York wedding photographer has honed in order to keep everything on track.

Match Up Personalities

Taking wedding photos shouldn’t be a stressful part of the procedure; they’re supposed to be fun! One of the best tips for finding your perfect wedding photographer in New York is to meet them beforehand and see how your personalities match up to one another. If they don’t seem like someone you can get along with, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere so that you don’t have even more stress on the day of your wedding.

Share and Connect Your Visions

At the end of the day, photographers are artists, and every artist has a unique perspective on each piece of work they produce. You likely also have a strong vision in your mind of the way you want your wedding to look and be remembered. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you make sure you and your wedding photographer’s artistic visions coincide well with each other. A wedding photographer who insists on their vision rather than your own for your special day is one you want to avoid.

If you need a skilled wedding photographer in New York, Joe Curry Photography is at your service. We want to make your vision of your wedding come to life and give you plenty of photos that will bring those elated emotions back to mind every time you look at them.

The Most Creative Places for a Wedding Photoshoot in NYC

Explore some of the most creative places for a wedding photoshoot in NYC. Moreover, discover how these locales can help you get the perfect photos!

Celebrating your leap into matrimony with a creative splash is crucial! One of the best ways to do this is through the magic of photography. Imagine it for a moment—you and your partner look fabulous. You’re enjoying another beautiful day in New York City.

You’re holding hands, sharing romantic glances, gentle kisses, and quiet laughter, all with a stunning view in the background: one that only New York City can provide. And I and my camera are by your side, ready to capture every wonderful moment. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

But with so many breathtaking places in New York, the question of where you’ll have your wedding photoshoot remains. Luckily, I’m here to offer some inspiration with my guide on the most creative places for a wedding photoshoot in NYC.

Jane’s Carousel

First up on my list is a lovely little spot called Jane’s Carousel. The main event of this gorgeous locale is the large, traditional carousel that overlooks the water, with a beautiful piece of New York’s stunning skyline as the radiant backdrop. The carousal’s lights, horses, and overall vibe make capturing fun and unique snapshots of you and your partner a cinch.

I love this spot for couples looking to explore the type of alternative wedding photography I specialize in. It’s wise to remember that Jane’s Carousel has restrictions to protect it. It might cost a little extra money if we wanted to book your shoot there. But it would be well worth it to have the carousal to ourselves and be able to take pictures on the ride!

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is another excellent place for a creative wedding photoshoot. Like Jane’s Carousal, this location is stunning. And once you check it out, I think you’ll agree that there are tons of different types of shots at this renowned garden.

Bustling with lush greenery, flowers, and intricate structures, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden boasts a diverse range of beautiful spots for wedding photos, such as:

  • The Rose Garden

  • The Japanese Hill and Pond Garden

  • The Shakespeare Garden

I can make any of these special places look even more magical on camera than in real life. The best part is that you and your partner will be at the center of it all.

Streets of New York

Sometimes the most creative spaces for wedding photography are hidden in plain sight. The streets of New York, for example, are excellent spots to capture the love between two people and the one-of-a-kind vibe of this beautiful city. We can walk around Times Square and find some cool areas for photos.

We could pick out some gorgeous graffiti walls to snap some unique shots of you and your partner. Even a crosswalk can be an exciting location for wedding photos in the streets of New York. I love this option for couples who are a little more flexible in what they’re looking for. It allows us both to have some creative freedom and enjoy the day in the city.

No matter where you want to take your wedding photos, I’m here to help. Contact me to learn more about my photography and how I can help you capture the perfect shots.

5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Photos Stand Out

Traditional wedding photos are all well and good, but ultimately the decisions are yours to make. Here are a few ways to create more memorable photos.

As wonderful as the memories of your wedding day are, it’s the photos from that day that will last the longest and help remind you of those incredible moments. As such, it’s worth taking the time to come up with some truly memorable photos that really capture the energy and spirit of your wedding. We’ve all seen wedding photos that are perfectly fine but don’t really speak to who the people in the picture are. Here are a few ways to make your wedding photos stand out from the more standard photos you might be used to.

Incorporate Elements of Your Relationship

You and your future spouse are more than just two people about to get married—you have a long and complex relationship that started before the wedding and will continue long after it. Don’t be afraid to incorporate things from your relationship that are unique to you and your partner into your photos. Featuring a favorite hobby or pastime you share or a special place of deep significance can make your photos much more meaningful in the long run.

Go Beyond Static Poses

There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful photograph with everyone in a simple pose. But if you want a way to make your wedding photos stand out, you don’t have to feel constrained to those basic pictures where everyone is standing shoulder to shoulder. Feel free to inject who you are as a person into your wedding photos! Pictures that feature some form of movement can create a striking contrast to what most people expect from wedding photos.

Capture the Candid Moments

Taking the extra time to set up the perfect photo can certainly pay off, but don’t forget that candid moments of real, raw emotion can sometimes make the most memorable pictures. I often work with people who feel uncomfortable in standard photos yet look incredible when you can catch them in a candid moment of joy or laughter!

Utilize Unique Backdrops

If you’re going for more creative wedding photography, switching up the background in your photos is a key element. Plenty of my clients in New York City will use the city itself to create a gorgeous backdrop that stands out quite a bit from the safer, more neutral backgrounds used in many traditional wedding photos.

Don’t Fall for Every Trend

Wedding trends come and go constantly, usually faster than I or anyone else can keep up with. While there is always room to mess around with a cute photography trend here and there, it’s important to remember that these memories will last you decades into the future, far past when those trends die out. Have fun with your wedding photos, of course! But don’t forget to capture the people and moments who really matter to you.

No matter how you want to make your wedding photos unique, I would love to make your vision a reality. If you’d like to see what I can do for you, call as soon as possible!