Behind The Lens

Behind The Lens

I am 38, I have an amazing wife and a beautiful son. I am a New York Wedding Photographer, shooting in NY and the surrounding area. I have always loved two things in my life.

  • To CREATE and to HELP.
  • This “Job” allows me to do both!

When I was 13 I was drawing a lot and dreamed of being an animator. I struggled with characters and ideas. My mom saw the need to create and handed me her Olympus OM 10. I was immediately hooked. Having a camera became like having my wallet…or pants. I needed it, it was part of getting dressed and going out. I am almost 40 now and I still feel the same way.

For years I shot street photography and fine art stuff while I travelled and grew and developed my style. 6 years ago I met my now wife. She was pivotal in my transition to Wedding Photography. She pushed me to pursue it as a career, as a form of stability for my new, growing family.
I now have over a hundred weddings under my belt, with tons of engagements, proposals, events and portraiture to boot.

As a professional wedding photographer, my wedding photography style comes from my artsy, street background (documentary/photojournalistic) and is mixed with my personality (fun, colorful, relaxed, personable) As a leading New York Wedding Photographer, I REALLY love shooting weddings.

I love shooting people. I love shooting events. There is nothing in the world like meeting strangers, getting the privilege and joy of being a part of something so special and meaningful, having the best time ever, and going from strangers to friends!

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