The Top 5 Winter Wedding Venues in New York City

There’s something extra special about a winter wedding. Even in a bustling metropolis like New York City, winter brings with it a sense of tranquility and calm. Not only that, but views of the city in the winter are truly breathtaking, as long as you know where you can get the best version of that view. While you have a myriad of choices for a winter wedding in the city, some stand above the rest. Here are the top five winter wedding venues in New York City that are sure to create a truly incredible and memorable evening.

The Weylin

The Weylin in Brooklyn is an incredible mixture of both old and new. With an award-winning restoration that makes this a truly unique spot for a wedding, the Weylin is now one of New York’s most in-demand venues. Not only will you get a beautiful interior to wow your guests, but there are also different areas available for different guest counts. No matter how big or small your wedding will be, the Weylin can accommodate wonderfully.

The Carlysle Hotel

If you want a wedding that truly has that “old New York” feeling to it, The Carlysle Hotel in the Upper East Side might be the perfect place for you. A perfect mishmash of modern architecture and Art Deco detailing, The Carlysle helps bring a little bit of that older New York glamour back into any event that is held there.

The Edison Ballroom

For larger weddings that want to have that winter wonderland feel, The Edison Ballroom is a very popular choice and one of the best winter wedding venues in New York City. Located right in Times Square, you are sure to have all the views you could ever hope to get in NYC during the winter.

The Bay Room

A much newer wedding venue that will have your guests’ jaws on the floor, the Bay Room is located in NYC’s financial district. A massive panoramic view of the entire city, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows all around the room, will give your wedding spectacular views of New York in the winter.

The Glasshouses

Situated in Chelsea, The Glasshouses refer to a number of event spaces that are all about letting your guests see the majesty of New York throughout the entire night of your wedding. Perfect for someone looking for a little more of a minimalist design for their venue, The Glasshouses will let you and your guests enjoy New York in the winter as it should be enjoyed.

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