Hannah & Nolan at The Park Savoy-New Jersey Wedding

When I met Hannah and Nolan on Zoom I could tell I had a good couple. Nothing major stood out or anything, they just seemed super chill, confident in what they wanted and open to ideas and suggestions. I have a few pre-wedding things I like for my couples to do for me, these things aren’t obligatory but helpful, and these two were happy to oblige.

Wedding Venue-The Park Savoy-New Jersey

The venue, The Park Savoy, is only 20 minutes from my house, WHAAAT! Such a change from the hour plus I typically drive AND it was an early wedding. Wow, will I get to go be home with my Wife, Cate and 4 yo Henry, at a normal time? Yes! (and I got to do some of my post wedding work) Woah!

The Park Savoy is a beautiful spot. Its on a Golf Course and is shootable from front to back. Big ionic columns out front with a huge beautiful, lush, colorful garden in the back complete with staircases, paths and a pond. Reflection photo? Yes, please. The inside is equally picturesque. I didn’t have time to shoot the coulpe inside but I saw about a thousand places I would have! Next time, I guess.

Wedding Prep at the Park Savoy

The girls were getting ready in the Park Savoy Bridal Suite. And what a Suite it was. Giant, open, white with big windows. A huge old armoire for the dress, a few couches and chairs & lots of mirrors. The staff was there immediately. Jessica, the manager, came in and got us updated on our timeline and then Hannah’s Bridal Attendants came up and were super helpful! We got the unfortunate news that Tobi, Hannahs’ sister and MOH was finishing up a quarantine for covid exposure and would be wearing a mask. Lisa, Hannahs mom was fairly distraught. I did my best to make her feel better, including agreeing to attempt a photoshop mask removal if needed (Nooooo) Luckily we found a different option. Close call. My fave thing about this wedding party is the majority of them are engineers and such, basically nerds, and I say that with nothing but love and respect. I grew up thinking I had to be so cool and now realize the nerds were always the coolest and always will be!!! Embrace your Nerdiness! I also married into a family of nerds and my wife is teaching me the ways.

A 1st Look, Some Formals & a Ketubah Signing at the Park Savoy-New Jersey

We set up a perfect 1st look, which is easy with such an amazing venue full of good spots and a couple pretty much down for anything. They very much wanted a piggyback photo, which can turn out sloppy. They have a few of these already so they had the practice and these photos actually turned out some of my faves. I think it’s a perfect photo for these two. I dont’ do a lot of posing, except for during couples photos, but I always let me couples know that I want the day to be collaborative. There are no bad ideas and as a team we can get great photos! They nailed it. We got wedding party photos done and it started to rain so we called a last minute change up to family photos in the chapel. We got it done just in time and went back inside to sign the Ketubah!

Wedding Ceremony at The Park Savoy-New Jersey

Back to the Chapel for ceremony. Jewish ceremonies are a bit longer than non religious ones, obviously, but are steeped in culture, history and tradition! This one was no different. This chapel is was also great to shoot in, full of natural light due to the windows wrapping the entire building!

Wedding Reception at The Park Savoy-New Jersey

…..and then there was an epic party!!!

Thank You Hanna & Nolan, It was a real pleasure being a part of this day!


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