Capturing key memories is a large part of a wedding. Discover how long wedding photoshoots usually last and what to keep in mind when scheduling your big day.

When your wedding day finally arrives, it’s only natural that you want to enjoy it to the fullest. From mingling with guests to enjoying great food to stealing a quiet moment for yourselves, this beautiful day has many opportunities to make memories. So, when it comes to participating in your official wedding photoshoot, it’s essential to know how long taking these gorgeous captures will take. Here, I’ll discuss how long wedding photoshoots usually last and what factors can influence this schedule.

The Importance of Dedicating That Time

Many things are going on during your wedding ceremony and reception. So, it’s crucial that you set aside some time to focus on getting the pictures you want. While you might want to just get on with the festivities, devoting this section of the day to capturing key moments allows you to revisit them several years from now. Slowing down to take these pictures makes communicating with photographers like me easier and ensures you get every pose and background you want.

Factors Impacting Shoot Length

To know roughly how much time your shoot will take, you’ll need to consider several factors. Whether it be how well you can corral your family and friends or the inclement weather passing through, there are endless things that can affect the shoot’s success. Fortunately, knowing a few of them can help you prepare in advance. Some additional factors to keep in mind include how many photo sessions you want, the type of pictures you’re looking for, and the overall experience of your photographer.

The Average Length of a Wedding Shoot

So, with all that said, how long do wedding photoshoots usually last? On average, wedding shoots can last about 30 minutes, sometimes more, depending on the factors I talked about above. But I recommend setting aside at least that amount of time for photos following the ceremony. If you decide to have several smaller shoots, such as before and after the ceremony, it can help save additional time.

Getting married in New York City is a unique experience for every couple, and I want to be the one to help you preserve those memories for years to come. As an NYC wedding photographer, I aim to capture this city’s charm while capturing my clients’ genuine joy, excitement, and love. Give me a call; I’d love to learn more about your love story!