Traditional wedding photos are all well and good, but ultimately the decisions are yours to make. Here are a few ways to create more memorable photos.

As wonderful as the memories of your wedding day are, it’s the photos from that day that will last the longest and help remind you of those incredible moments. As such, it’s worth taking the time to come up with some truly memorable photos that really capture the energy and spirit of your wedding. We’ve all seen wedding photos that are perfectly fine but don’t really speak to who the people in the picture are. Here are a few ways to make your wedding photos stand out from the more standard photos you might be used to.

Incorporate Elements of Your Relationship

You and your future spouse are more than just two people about to get married—you have a long and complex relationship that started before the wedding and will continue long after it. Don’t be afraid to incorporate things from your relationship that are unique to you and your partner into your photos. Featuring a favorite hobby or pastime you share or a special place of deep significance can make your photos much more meaningful in the long run.

Go Beyond Static Poses

There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful photograph with everyone in a simple pose. But if you want a way to make your wedding photos stand out, you don’t have to feel constrained to those basic pictures where everyone is standing shoulder to shoulder. Feel free to inject who you are as a person into your wedding photos! Pictures that feature some form of movement can create a striking contrast to what most people expect from wedding photos.

Capture the Candid Moments

Taking the extra time to set up the perfect photo can certainly pay off, but don’t forget that candid moments of real, raw emotion can sometimes make the most memorable pictures. I often work with people who feel uncomfortable in standard photos yet look incredible when you can catch them in a candid moment of joy or laughter!

Utilize Unique Backdrops

If you’re going for more creative wedding photography, switching up the background in your photos is a key element. Plenty of my clients in New York City will use the city itself to create a gorgeous backdrop that stands out quite a bit from the safer, more neutral backgrounds used in many traditional wedding photos.

Don’t Fall for Every Trend

Wedding trends come and go constantly, usually faster than I or anyone else can keep up with. While there is always room to mess around with a cute photography trend here and there, it’s important to remember that these memories will last you decades into the future, far past when those trends die out. Have fun with your wedding photos, of course! But don’t forget to capture the people and moments who really matter to you.

No matter how you want to make your wedding photos unique, I would love to make your vision a reality. If you’d like to see what I can do for you, call as soon as possible!