How Do Nontraditional Wedding Photos Differ From Others?

How Do Nontraditional Wedding Photos Differ From Others?

How Do Nontraditional Wedding Photos Differ From Others?

Let’s face it—certain themes, motifs, and styles tend to repeat themselves in the context of weddings. Tradition has its place on the priorities list, but that doesn’t mean your wedding has to fit exclusively into the mold.

Keeping things simple and classic works for some couples, but others desire to add an unparalleled touch of originality to their big day. Wedding photography is no exception—don’t believe that every photo has to be of the traditional variety to appear picture-perfect.

You may wonder: how do nontraditional wedding photos differ from others? Consider how a creative style of professional photography celebrates your uniqueness as a couple.

An Artistic Eye: The Key To Telling Your Story

When searching through countless wedding photo galleries on the internet for inspiration, you likely realize a majority of these images capture the same look. The advantage of unique wedding photography lies in breaking out of the traditional box. Having an artistic eye helps capture beautiful moments between a couple and their friends and family in their truest form.

A wedding day is an integral part of a couple’s love story, and telling the tale authentically through nontraditional snapshots gives the carefully planned details the attention they deserve. Professional photographers understand the value of traditional photos but can also use their stylistic skills to deliver unique, memorable shots for their clients.

The Value of Ceremonial Moments and Classic Poses

A wedding photo list traditionally includes the must-have moments to capture, such as the first look, the dressed-up bridal party, walking down the aisle, the ceremony, exchanging the rings, the first kiss, and more. While style and flair details depend on client preference, traditional photos capture these main event moments and turn them into memories you can cherish forever.

How do nontraditional wedding photos differ from others? While both capture magical moments by camera, classic-style photos are mainly conventional shots with selected settings, poses, or lighting choices, compared to nontraditional snapshots that may use exclusive ideas and unconventional styles in alternate locations.

The Power of Nontraditional Spontaneity and Creativity

Unique wedding photography means different things to different people, but for professional photographers, the freethinking nature implies greater creative freedom. Couples who are flexible with their photo choices can enjoy the approach of organic artistry. A change of pace offers opportunities for composition changes, varied locations, props, cool lighting scenarios, and less stilted posing, among other aspects.

With offbeat shots designed to highlight personality, the inclusion of candid moments, and the use of a one-of-a-kind style, focusing on the element of a nontraditional photo variety can genuinely bring a couple’s completed wedding day gallery to life.

As an experienced professional wedding photographer, my unique background influences my artsy, personable, and natural photography style. Get in touch to learn more about how I can use my storytelling style to take the perfect shots for your big day.

The Most Creative Places for a Wedding Photoshoot in NYC

The Most Creative Places for a Wedding Photoshoot in NYC

The Most Creative Places for a Wedding Photoshoot in NYC

Celebrating your leap into matrimony with a creative splash is crucial! One of the best ways to do this is through the magic of photography. Imagine it for a moment—you and your partner look fabulous. You’re enjoying another beautiful day in New York City.

You’re holding hands, sharing romantic glances, gentle kisses, and quiet laughter, all with a stunning view in the background: one that only New York City can provide. And I and my camera are by your side, ready to capture every wonderful moment. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

But with so many breathtaking places in New York, the question of where you’ll have your wedding photoshoot remains. Luckily, I’m here to offer some inspiration with my guide on the most creative places for a wedding photoshoot in NYC.

Jane’s Carousel

First up on my list is a lovely little spot called Jane’s Carousel. The main event of this gorgeous locale is the large, traditional carousel that overlooks the water, with a beautiful piece of New York’s stunning skyline as the radiant backdrop. The carousal’s lights, horses, and overall vibe make capturing fun and unique snapshots of you and your partner a cinch.

I love this spot for couples looking to explore the type of alternative wedding photography I specialize in. It’s wise to remember that Jane’s Carousel has restrictions to protect it. It might cost a little extra money if we wanted to book your shoot there. But it would be well worth it to have the carousal to ourselves and be able to take pictures on the ride!

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is another excellent place for a creative wedding photoshoot. Like Jane’s Carousal, this location is stunning. And once you check it out, I think you’ll agree that there are tons of different types of shots at this renowned garden.

Bustling with lush greenery, flowers, and intricate structures, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden boasts a diverse range of beautiful spots for wedding photos, such as:

  • The Rose Garden

  • The Japanese Hill and Pond Garden

  • The Shakespeare Garden

I can make any of these special places look even more magical on camera than in real life. The best part is that you and your partner will be at the center of it all.

Streets of New York

Sometimes the most creative spaces for wedding photography are hidden in plain sight. The streets of New York, for example, are excellent spots to capture the love between two people and the one-of-a-kind vibe of this beautiful city. We can walk around Times Square and find some cool areas for photos.

We could pick out some gorgeous graffiti walls to snap some unique shots of you and your partner. Even a crosswalk can be an exciting location for wedding photos in the streets of New York. I love this option for couples who are a little more flexible in what they’re looking for. It allows us both to have some creative freedom and enjoy the day in the city.

No matter where you want to take your wedding photos, I’m here to help. Contact me to learn more about my photography and how I can help you capture the perfect shots.