Here's How New York Can Spice Up Your Wedding Photos

My ultimate goal is creating wedding photos that you’ll be proud to look back on. Luckily, taking those photos in New York City makes capturing those incredible moments almost too easy. There aren’t many places like New York that can give you amazing views and backgrounds to set up a photo with. Here are just a few ways that New York can spice up your wedding photos and create something that will bring those happy feelings back in an instant.

Incredible Views From On High

The verticality of New York City is one of its biggest draws for taking wedding photos that you’ll end up loving. Rooftop pictures give your wedding photos a gorgeous background that you just can’t get anywhere else. Whether looking up to the buildings around you or down on the city below, New York City’s height is one of its best features.

Nature and Civilization Combined

There’s a fascinating balance in New York City between the natural world and feats of human engineering. As strange as it may seem, that contrast between gorgeous natural vistas and sleek human-made ones offers up a ton of opportunities for unique photos. Central Park alone has enough different viewpoints to create an entire album of beautiful wedding photos.

Old School and New School

Another great way in which I use New York itself to punch up your wedding photos is by incorporating its old school charm with its modern beauty. While we usually think of massive skyscrapers and crisscrossing roads, New York is also one of the oldest cities in our country. This means it has plenty of historical sites that you can use to have the best of both worlds, both the old and new, in your photographs.

Big City Lights

Getting married around New York City and not taking advantage of the incredible lights that you’re afforded is practically a crime. Whether you’re already using the heights of the city or the more natural places, the lights of the city can create truly eye-catching photos that you can’t replicate in other places. I utilize the city lights to set up intricately detailed photos or create the best backdrop possible for a silhouetted masterpiece.

If you need a New York wedding photographer who can use the city’s charms to make your wedding photos better than you can imagine, allow me to introduce myself! Whatever vision you have for your wedding photos, I can make it come to life with memories that will last forever.