A few months ago Rohan called me up while I was at a Raptor Trust with my 3 year old. I was stoked to hear from him again. Quite a few years ago he contacted me to shoot some personal photos for business and dating and whatnot. We had a great time, shot some good photos and that was that. Well, he tells me on this surprise call that our photos landed him his future wife and that I must be the one to shoot him proposing!! Ahhh, a photographers dream, repeat customers with great stories!

He had a very ambitious, detailed plan and we worked together to make it happen. I was to secretly shoot them at a restaurant in NYC, follow them to Central park and then shoot the big moment. I was nervous! I had to be discreet but follow them and be near them for hours, yikes!

Well it worked, I was hiding behind trees and being super creepy, but we did it and SHE SAID YES! We then took a few hours to do some posed shots. It was a rainy day and we were lucky to have very little people out, to shoot a Proposal in New York City with no people is a dream come true. Between the Bow Bridge and Bethesda Terrace we nailed some nice shots. Greta & Rohan totally embraced the rain and Greta had a few of her own ideas, which I love, collaboration is something I cherish with my couples.

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