GRIME & GLORY:         3 days Of Summer at Coney Island

GRIME & GLORY: 3 days Of Summer at Coney Island

This summer I found myself forced to work a temporary job down in Sheepshead Bay for 3 days. At first I wasn’t to pleased, but then I decided to walk myself down to Coney Island. I love Coney. I always have. What a crazy place it is! I remember when I first moved to New York 8 years ago, I thought Coney Island was just this little amusement park on some tiny island somewhere in NYC.

While I started to shoot these photos I got very excited. Coney Island in the middle of summer on a hot, hot weekend…Perfect. Everything this strange little slice of New York had to offer it did, and it offered it on grimy old paper plate covered in sand and grease.

How did you imagine Coney before you came, when you heard people drunkenly planning a trip in some dive bar or on some rooftop somewhere. Maybe your only idea of Coney Island came from Warriors the movie or someone who slapped pasties on their chest and green glitter all over and marched off to the Mermaid Parade. Maybe you know some maniac who headed to the beach on the first day of the new year to freeze their balls off in the Polar Bear Plunge, maybe you still haven’t gone to Coney Island!!

Well, summer is ending…. so I suggest you grab some friends and hop on the train…Cuz summer ain’t complete without a lil Coney Island mixed in…