HI, MY NAME IS JOEY CURRY.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     i am 34, I have an amazing wife and a baby on the way. I’m a drummer in a rock and roll band and I love skateboarding.                                       I am a Brooklyn based affordable wedding and event photographer. While  weddings and engagements are my primary focus,  I live in the greatest city in the world where everything is happening and I love shooting photos of it. I’ve shot live events such as rock concerts and operas. I’ve covered birthdays, from the youngest to the oldest, and anniversary’s, from the shortest to the longest.  I also love shooting headshots and portraits, I even do the occasional fashion shoot.  What is going on your life? I am ready for the challenge!                                               

“Joey has a fun, colorful, spontaneous and modern photojournalistic approach to his photography.  His not-so-secret weapon is his engaging and upbeat personality. People open up to his positive energy, especially when they see that it's grounded with a strong work ethic, logical efficiency and organization. He delivers exceptional candids and thoughtful portraits.”   -5th Ave. Digital

If my eyes and brain perceive something as beautiful, no matter what it is, my first reaction is to take a picture of it. Some people just want to remember that moment, take it in and walk on; some want to paint it, others want to write about it. I want to freeze it in time and continue to look at it whenever I want and to share that moment with anybody else who will enjoy it as much as I do.

I thoroughly enjoy each and every event I shoot. I love people and I love life. I feel honored to be let into these little windows of celebration in people's lives. Not only do I get to witness these moments of joy and happiness, the obvious ones and the more subtle ones that may have been missed, I get to deliver them for families to look back on, for generations to come!